Best Bathroom Remodel Seattle

Seamless 1-Piece Tub Wall Surrounds

TubCove seamless bath tub walls are the best value in the Puget Sound

Our quick one-day installation minimizes your downtime and will save you time & money.

TubCove's custom-manufactured bath walls are designed to withstand years of use and are very easy-to-care for.


Laminate Tub Wall Surrounds

Our most popular bath remodeling solution
Tubcove's laminate bath tub walls feature a one-piece construction, with seamless water-tight corners. This reduces vertical caulking lines & gives a nice clean continuous look.

TubCove wall surrounds are fully warrantied, and will perform for years with proper care.

Over the past 35+ years, our proven "best value" bath wall surround system has had thousands of satisfied Seattle area bath remodel customers.

Custom-manufactured just for you
Each bath tub surround wall is custom-manufactured in the style & color of your choice.

After careful onsite measuring, it is produced to fit the exact dimensions required for each bath project.

700 Colors & Styles
TubCove seamless bath surrounds offers you the largest selection of colors & styles to choose from in the Puget Sound.

Each laminate surround is truly one-of-a-kind, giving you the freedom to get the exact look you desire for your bathroom remodel.

Choose from a huge selection of over 700 colors from leading manufacturers like Wilsonart, Formica & Nevamar:

TubCove bath tub surrounds easily accommodate windows in the bath tub area.

one day bath remodel seattle with window

In bathrooms with windows in the tub area:

  • Matching laminate is installed on the sides of the windows, and a solid surface sill is added to ensure a water-tight fit.
  • TubCove offers a beautiful selection of solid surface window sills to compliment any decor..

Full-Height Walls & Ceilings
Tub Cove bath walls can be installed right up to ceiling.

There is a single water-tight horizontal seam (like on our shower walls) where the top section joins the standard-height section. This gives total waterproof protection to your bath tub area's walls.

Ceiling panels can also be added to complete the 'built-in' look & completely seal the bath area.

Quick 1-Day Installation
Your TubCove bath wall laminate surround can be installed in just one day. Minimizing the usual bath remodeling timeframe & inconvenience.

A quick TubCove 1-day installation:

  • will save you remodelling time
  • minimize inconvenience of not having use of your bathroom
  • will save you a mess to remove
  • will be budget friendly


TubCove bath walls are warrantied for materials & workmanship.
Over the past 35+ years, we've had thousands of satisfied bath tub surround customers.


In-Stock Colors

We contract with our material suppliers to keep certain popular colors instock locally in the grade thickness we prefer to work with. 

Click to view larger samples (Colors on screen may vary from actual product)

Beige Pampas
4170-60 – Beige Pampas
Gray Pampas
4168-60 – Gray Pampas
Designer White
354-60 – Designer White
Frosty White
1573-60 – Frosty White
Natural Almond
D30-60 – Natural Almond
Calacatta Oro
4981 – Calacatta Oro


Sail White Oxide
37708-58 – Flax Gauze
Flax Gauze
37708-58 – Flax Gauze
Portico Marble
7735-58 – Portico Marble




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1 day seamless tub wall surround

Your TubCove bath wall surround can be installed in just one day. You will love the results!